One Year Since Our Commissioning

Brandon and Samantha attending the Berwick Mayor’s Ball

Greetings from Berwick!

It has been one year since we were commissioned by our sending church, Iron Mill Church. A lot has happened over the past year, and we’d love to give you an update and provide some ways you could be praying for us!

Remind me, why are we doing this!?

About three years ago, God began calling us to plant a culturally relevant, gospel-preaching church in the downtown area of Berwick. Since then, we have felt even more confirmed in our calling. Many people in our town are open to spirituality. We want to bring Jesus to them. The people we meet are hungering for community and restoration. We love our town and the people here. Our vision is to bring restoration to individuals, families and our community through God’s overwhelming love. We believe God is opening doors for us and Foundry Church to reach the unchurched of Berwick!

Praying over our Kids’ Ministry leaders before their maternity leave

What’s happened over the past year?

After being commissioned at the end of May 2023, our launch team (who had already been meeting as a small group Bible study in our home) started hosting pre-launch services. These pre-launch services were regular worship services on Sunday evenings, held at our leased location at the B.I.D.A. Eagles Building. On September 10, 2023, we switched to Sunday mornings as we officially launched as Foundry Church! It was a great celebration of what God is doing.

Since our launch in September, we’ve been seeing our volunteer pool grow in numbers. It’s great to see more people wanting to get involved with the hospitality team, kids ministry, worship team, AV team, outreach,  and more! Beyond seeing more volunteers, we’re also seeing our leadership team grow in both numbers and leadership development. Many individuals on our leadership team have been part of our launch team since the beginning. Some are taking on leadership responsibilities stretching them beyond what they may have initially anticipated.

Worship service at the B.I.D.A. Eagles Building conference room

With that leadership group growing, we’ve seen our small groups multiplied as well. One of our core values is that we believe the gospel best transforms us in community. We believe doing life together helps us better understand the gospel, and being in community is a tangible way for God’s love to be shown to us and through us. We are thrilled to see our community groups growing and we are working through plans to continue multiplication this summer or early fall.

Almost each week, we are seeing new faces on Sunday mornings. We’re also seeing some people get connected to Foundry Church for the first time at small group gatherings, whether that be at someone’s home or the guys’ group that meets for breakfast twice a month. We are seeing people take steps to further their faith as they grow in their discipleship process. We even celebrated a Baptism service in November, held at our local YMCA!


How can you pray for us?

As you know, our vision is to bring restoration to individuals, families and our community through God’s overwhelming love. God’s overwhelming love is the gospel, and it’s only by His grace that we’re seeing parts of our vision fulfilled. We would ask that you continue to pray for opportunities for us and Foundry Church to share God’s overwhelming love with people, families and our community.

Since being commissioned, we’ve got a clearer view of our financial situation. While God has been faithful to provide, we know there are some gaps that will need to be filled. Please pray that we trust Him to provide financially, too.

Some of our Foundry ladies on Easter Sunday in our photo booth

Thank You!

Many of you have given to our Greenhouse Fund or Foundry Church at some point. For that, we want to say a huge THANK YOU! Your generosity has helped us continue doing what God has called us to do. If you would like to continue giving or give for the first time, please visit Foundry’s website: or by mail at Foundry Church, 107 S. Market St, STE 3, Berwick, PA 18603.

We’re excited to share this report with you! Please continue praying for our family during these early years of church planting.

Serving Jesus with you,
Brandon Glenn

Foundry Church is Launched!

Foundry Church is Launched!

Most (but not all) of our Launch team after our first service.

On September 10, 2023, we had our first official public worship service. Foundry Church is officially launched! Launch Sunday was so much fun and full of anticipation and energy. Many of you showed up for our first worship service, and we thank you for supporting us! The room was full, and it was so great to celebrate how God has been working and moving in Berwick and Foundry Church over the past several years. We had several folks show up for the first time, and we’re continuing to see new people join our worship services each week.


Summer Activities

Over the summer, we had pre-launch services each week. These services were primarily in the evening and mostly targeted for our launch team. We saw some new people join our launch team over the summer, too. One of the reasons we chose Sunday evenings rather than Sunday mornings was to allow me to preach at other area churches, casting our vision for a new church in Berwick and to ask for prayer and financial support. We had an overwhelming amount of support while visiting these churches and several agreed to support Foundry Church financially, too!

Our team preparing for “Celebrate Berwick”

Foundry Church also participated in “Celebrate Berwick,” a one-day carnival type event. On August 5, the town shut down part of Market Street and many vendors setup booths to sell products and food. Foundry Church offered free kids’ games and some chances for adults to win some prizes. We had lots of good conversations with people from our town and had the opportunity to share about Foundry’s launch day.

On August 27, we moved our Sunday worship service to the Ber Vaughn town park and moved our time to the morning. Immediately following the service, with the help of our sending church, Iron Mill, we sponsored all admissions into the Ber Vaughn pool for the entire day. Moving the location and time of the service brought many new faces! We had the opportunity to have many conversations and hand out lots of literature to folks coming to the pool. Many were unexpectedly surprised to find out that a church would be paying for their entrance into the town pool. We were happy to provide a good time for our community and have the opportunity to tell hundreds of people about our launch Sunday!

Foundry Church sponsored everyone’s admission to the Ber Vaughn Pool and invited everyone to our launch Sunday service!

Coming Up

We have several events planned for the fall. We are in the process of planning Foundry’s first baptism service! We’re still working out all the details, so follow us on social media to see when and where we’ll do this exciting service. Seeing new people joining our church and seeing people commit to following Jesus is what Foundry is all about! We want to continue seeing disciples being made who make more disciples. And just because we launched doesn’t mean we’re finished! The work is just beginning. Our goal is to see Foundry Church become a sending, multiplying church. We want to plant churches who plant churches!

Thank You!

Many of you have given to our Greenhouse Fund or Foundry Church at some point. For that, we want to say a huge THANK YOU! Your generosity has helped us continue doing what God has called us to do.

If you’re reading this and not part of Foundry Church, we are humbly asking if you would consider giving to Foundry Church for two years while we work to establish a financially self-sufficient church body. If you have been giving to the Greenhouse Fund, we ask that you migrate that support to Foundry Church. This can be done online at or through the mail at
Foundry Church, 107 S. Market St, STE 3, Berwick, PA 18603.

Please keep praying that we have opportunities to share God’s overwhelming love with people in our town and surrounding areas.

Serving Jesus with you,
Brandon Glenn

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